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FRI. Arrival in Addis Ababa. Transfer to the chosen hotel. Have a free morning. Afternoon (1400 hrs from the hotel) tour of the capital: visit Entoto mountain with views over the capital, the National & the Ethnographic museums, St George church and the Mercato, biggest open air market in Africa.
Meals free. ON (overnight) hotel.

02. Leave your hotel around 0730 am & drive to Arbaminch (500 kms). On the way visit the Guraghe and Wolayta people villages and their culture. And spectacular views. Reach Arbaminch late in the afternoon.
Lunch on the way. Dinner & ON at the Swaynes hotel, with spectacular views over Chamo & Abaya lakes.

03. Morning drive to Chencha, for the Dorze people, with their unique houses and traditions. Visit the false banana cultivations, from which they extract their traditional bread (the Kotcho), the weaving works and more. Afternoon make a boat excursion on Chamo lake for crocodiles, hippos, birds and a fantastic sunset.
Meals & ON Swaynes hotel.

04. Leave your hotel around 0730 am & drive to Jinka. See on the way the Konso, Derase, Tsemay, Ari and Benna people. Make a stop for the visit of a Konso people village, which are famous for the terracing agriculture, and have particular traditions. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON in a hotel in Jinka (choices are Tebekew or Resort) 05. Drive to the Mago National park, admiring different mammals and birds. Proceed to visit the Mursi people and their villages. Here for beauty women use to put round plates into their lips. Afternoon then drive back to Jinka and visit the museum.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON in hotel

06. Make a full day excursion around Jinka, for spectacular views, and very interesting villages and people. For who is interested is possible to have a day trekking too. Visit the Wub Hamer and Gazer people with their culture and villages.
Ones back to Jinka, if time permits, visit the interesting museum.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON in hotel

07. THU. Drive to Turmi. On the way admire Thursday’s KeyAfer village market of the Tsemay & Erbore people. Proceed to visit the Hamer people and villages.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Turmi Evangadi lodge

08. Leave your hotel around 0730 am & drive to visit the Karo people, for their very interesting decoration and scarification all over their body. From Kortcho village you’ll enjoy also a spectacular view over the Omo river. Proceed then to the Nyangatom people crossing the Omo river with small boats at Kangate.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Turmi Evangadi lodge

09. SAT. Drive to Dimeka village, to admire the colorful Hamer, Karo and Dassanech people market at Dimeka village. Ones the market is done, have a full day for the Hamer people. With luck we’ll try also to participate to the Hamer people marriage ceremonies, with the bull jumping. And in the evening visit the Evangadi dances
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Turmi Evangadi lodge

10. Drive to the Erbore people and visit their villages and interesting culture. Then proceed to the Weyto river valley, where you might have your lunch. Afternoon proceed to Yabelo. Drive to visit the singing wells (where Borena men extract water) and if time permits also the Elsod crater (where Borena extract salt for their cattle).
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Yabelo Motel or other hotel

11. Leave your hotel around 0630 am & drive to Moyale. Make the necessary border process. Then cross into Kenya and proceed to the Chalbi desert, admiring very nice views and the Gabra people and villages. Continue the drive to Kalacha village.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Kalacha in camping

12. Leave your hotel around 0630 am & drive to Loyangalani, at bank of lake Turkana. Admire the Turkana and Elmolo people and villages.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON camping

13. Leave your hotel around 0630 am & drive to the Samburu National park.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Serena or similar lodge in the park

14. Early morning and late afternoon enjoy the game drives in the Samburu National park, one of the richest of fauna and flora (including the big five) in Kenya.
Meals & ON in the lodge

15. Drive to lake Nakuru.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON lodge in the park

16. Full day game drive and visit of the park. Is another very rich park and famous also for the large number of flamingoes
Meals & ON in the lodge

17. SUN. Drive to Nairobi.
Lunch on the way. Have dinner at the famous carnivore restaurant.
After dinner transfer to airport for departure

Extension to Maasai Mara (if requested)

17. SUN. Drive to Maasai Mara Game Reserve.
Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Serena or Sopa lodge or other

18-19. Two days for fantastic games and views. Its sheer beauty of wide savannah, rolling hills, meandering rivers, riverine forests, forests with huge grazing herds, bountiful birdlife, the big five and lot of other mammals.
Meals and Overnight Serena or Sopa lodge or other

20. WED. Drive to Nairobi. Enjoy a leisurely and scenic drive with a brief stopover at the View Point to Marvel at the beauty of The Great Rift Valley.
Lunch on the way. Dinner at The Carnivore Restaurant to experience game meat and barbeque meat. Transfer then to the airport for departure

We also suggest extensions to the fantastic beaches in Monbasa or Malindi or Zanzibar or another tour in Ethiopia, or to the parks in Tanzania (see our programs)

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UGANDA GLU 101. Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Safari

This tour takes you to Kibale and Bwindi National Parks in Uganda for the best primate trekking, and to Lake Bunyonyi for relaxation. Proceed to Kenya to Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara National parks. And you finally cross to Tanzania for game viewing in Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

1: Entebbe – Kampala
Arrival ON Kampala.

2: Kibale Forest National Park.
Drive to Kibale N.P. After lunch, explore the area of the crater lakes at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. ON Nynabulitwa

3: Bwindi
After early breakfast, go for the chimpanzee trekking and primates viewing in Kibale Forest. After lunch proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable National park for dinner and overnight at Bwindi Gorilla Resort – Nkuringo Safari Lodge or Buhoma Community – Kisoro Tourist Hotel or similar

4: Mountain Gorillas trecking
After breakfast and briefing from the guides, set off for the gorilla tracking in the forest sanctuary. Packed lunch. After tracking, transfer to Lake Bunyonyi for dinner and overnight at Arcadia Cottages or Ha Buharo.

5: Lake Bunyonyi
After breakfast you can take a boat ride along the lake, for birding activities and to experience the culture of the Bakiga people. Kampala overnight
Day 6 – NAIROBI. Transfer to Entebbe airport for morning flight to Nairobi.

6: Nairobi
Transfer to Entebbe airport for morning flight to Nairobi.
On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you are met and driven to the Aberdares, Tree Hotel for an afternoon / evening of game viewing from the Hotel’s Balconies. Dinner and overnight – The Ark, Treetops or Mountain Lodge on the western shoulder of the mighty Mt. Kenya, or similar

7: The Great Rift Valley
Leave leisurely after breakfast and drive via the Nyahururu Water Falls (Thompson Falls – commonly known as the T-falls!) stopping to view, and down the escarpment into the Great Rift Valley to Lake Nakuru National Park. Lunch at your lodge will be followed by an afternoon game drive in this small game & bird-filled Park returning at dusk for dinner and overnight.

8: Masai Mara (08/09 day)
After breakfast, continue across the floor of the Great Rift Valley past the Maasai town of Narok to the legendary Maasai Mara National Reserve – to many, the jewel and highlight of the safari expedition, by lunch time. Enjoy an afternoon game drive. Dinner and overnight at Keecorock Lodge – Mara Serena Lodge or Mara Sopa Lodge or tented camp

10: Masai Mara
An early morning game drive in the Mara is followed by breakfast and thereafter, return to Nairobi to arrive by mid afternoon. ON

11: Nairobi – Arusha – Lake Manyara
Leave Nairobi to Arusha, and continue to Lake Manyara National Park for an afternoon game drive, heading on to your Hotel

12: Ngorongoro
Continue to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and descent into the Crater for a full day Crater Tour with Picnic lunch. Ascend to your Hotel / Lodge on the Crater rim at dusk for dinner and overnight.

13: Ngorongoro – Arusha – departure
Taking an early morning view of the crater from your Hotel & breakfast, return to Arusha Evening or enxt day departure

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DJIBOUTI GLET401: Harar, Djibouti and Danakil Depression

1: Addis
Arrival Addis Ababa

2: Awash park
Awash park. ON camp or lodge

3: Harar
Harar. Evening hyena man. ON htl

4: Harar
Harar tour-PM drive DireDawa. ON htl

5: DireDawa
DireDawa- Djibouti-lake Abe. ON camp

6: Lake Easal
Lake Easal (spectacular views-salt lake)- Tadjoura ON camp white sand beach

7: Tadjoura-Semera

8: Lake Afrera
Permits for Danakil- lake Afrera

9: Dodom
Lake Afrera-Dodom

10: ErTale volcano
Climb ErTale volcano. ON on the rim of the volcano, admiring the lave and unique views

11: Dodom
Back trek to Dodom

12: Ahmed Ale
Drive Ahmed Ale

13: Ahmed Ale
Salt plain (spectacular)- Dalol (where Afar people extract salt- see camels caravans and more too). ON Ahmed Ale

14: Gheralta
Ahmed Ale-Gheralta

15: Tigray churches
Tigray churches. ON Mekele in htl

16: Lalibela
Lalibela. ON Yemereha htl (

17: Lalibela
Lalibela churches.

18: Addis Ababa
Different options: continue tour to historic site or drive or fly back Addis. If fly back, evening dinner with folkloristic dances; then departure

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DIJIBOUTI GLDJ 103. Tigray Rock Churches, Danakil and Djibouti

1: Addis Ababa
Arrival Addis and tour. ON htl

2: Addis-Kombolcha
Addis-Kombolcha. If SUN very colorful market of afar and Oromo people at Senbete village. Very nice views. ON htl

3: Kombolcha-Mekele.
Kombolcha-Mekele. ON htl

4: Daniel Korkor, Mariyam Korkor & Abune Yemata
Daniel Korkor, Mariyam Korkor & Abune Yemata. ON Gheralta

5: Gheralta-Ahmed Ale
Gheralta-Ahmed Ale. ON camp

6: Dalol – Ahmed Ale
Dalol- Ahmed Ale. ON camp

7: Dodom
Dodom. ON camp

8: ErTale volcano
Climb ErTale volcano. ON camp

9: Dodom
ErTale – Dodom.

10: Lake Afrera
Lake Afrera. ON camp

11: Semera
Semera. ON camp or lodge

12: Semera-Djibouti
Semera-Djibouti. Easal lake-Tadjoura. ON white sand beach camp

13: Djibouti
Djibouti capital and town- lake Abe (spectacular views). ON camp

14: Lake Abe-DireDawa-Harar
Lake Abe-DireDawa-Harar. Evening hyena man ON htl

15: Harar- Adere
Harar- Adere & Omo people- Sofi. ON htl

16: Awedae chad market- Metehara lake
Awedae chad market- Metehara lake, Kereyou people, Awash park, Awash river falls, game drive. ON camp or lodge Awash NP.

17: Addis Ababa – Departure
Back Addis. Dinner with dances. Departure (or day 18)

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