Also being one or two persons, you can have the chance to get very good prices, in joining other clients in very interesting programs

Are in BB (bed and breakfast) in the capital cities, to give the chance to clients to experience different restaurants, and in FB (full board) during the rest of the tour

Dates are of weekly arrival.

We have tours with English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese speaking guides.

Minimum number of persons required to confirm a group departure are 2 (two) persons; while for Surma & Danakil tours minimum are 4 (four) persons.

Then whenever a tour is confirmed, also 1 (one) person can book on it.

Maximum number of clients in a tour are 12 (twelve) persons.

We provide domestic and inter-regional flights, as requested. And by request we can provide also international flights.

We hope you’ll enjoy while travelling with the Green Land Tours + Emerald Resorts & Lodges.

Contact us for Booking and Prices:

dario@greenlandethiopia.com and info@greenlandtoursethiopia.com