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DJIBOUTI GLET401: Harar, Djibouti and Danakil Depression

1: Addis
Arrival Addis Ababa

2: Awash park
Awash park. ON camp or lodge

3: Harar
Harar. Evening hyena man. ON htl

4: Harar
Harar tour-PM drive DireDawa. ON htl

5: DireDawa
DireDawa- Djibouti-lake Abe. ON camp

6: Lake Easal
Lake Easal (spectacular views-salt lake)- Tadjoura ON camp white sand beach

7: Tadjoura-Semera

8: Lake Afrera
Permits for Danakil- lake Afrera

9: Dodom
Lake Afrera-Dodom

10: ErTale volcano
Climb ErTale volcano. ON on the rim of the volcano, admiring the lave and unique views

11: Dodom
Back trek to Dodom

12: Ahmed Ale
Drive Ahmed Ale

13: Ahmed Ale
Salt plain (spectacular)- Dalol (where Afar people extract salt- see camels caravans and more too). ON Ahmed Ale

14: Gheralta
Ahmed Ale-Gheralta

15: Tigray churches
Tigray churches. ON Mekele in htl

16: Lalibela
Lalibela. ON Yemereha htl (

17: Lalibela
Lalibela churches.

18: Addis Ababa
Different options: continue tour to historic site or drive or fly back Addis. If fly back, evening dinner with folkloristic dances; then departure

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DIJIBOUTI GLDJ 103. Tigray Rock Churches, Danakil and Djibouti

1: Addis Ababa
Arrival Addis and tour. ON htl

2: Addis-Kombolcha
Addis-Kombolcha. If SUN very colorful market of afar and Oromo people at Senbete village. Very nice views. ON htl

3: Kombolcha-Mekele.
Kombolcha-Mekele. ON htl

4: Daniel Korkor, Mariyam Korkor & Abune Yemata
Daniel Korkor, Mariyam Korkor & Abune Yemata. ON Gheralta

5: Gheralta-Ahmed Ale
Gheralta-Ahmed Ale. ON camp

6: Dalol – Ahmed Ale
Dalol- Ahmed Ale. ON camp

7: Dodom
Dodom. ON camp

8: ErTale volcano
Climb ErTale volcano. ON camp

9: Dodom
ErTale – Dodom.

10: Lake Afrera
Lake Afrera. ON camp

11: Semera
Semera. ON camp or lodge

12: Semera-Djibouti
Semera-Djibouti. Easal lake-Tadjoura. ON white sand beach camp

13: Djibouti
Djibouti capital and town- lake Abe (spectacular views). ON camp

14: Lake Abe-DireDawa-Harar
Lake Abe-DireDawa-Harar. Evening hyena man ON htl

15: Harar- Adere
Harar- Adere & Omo people- Sofi. ON htl

16: Awedae chad market- Metehara lake
Awedae chad market- Metehara lake, Kereyou people, Awash park, Awash river falls, game drive. ON camp or lodge Awash NP.

17: Addis Ababa – Departure
Back Addis. Dinner with dances. Departure (or day 18)

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